Thursday, August 21, 2014

Womens Short Hairstyles

The idea of getting short hairstyles 2013 will never go wrong especially if you desire dramatic change in your look. The great thing about this hairstyle is it can nicely frame your face while giving you fresh and modest look. In short, it can also make you looking a way much younger. Of course, this can be your option when you're on your 30s or 40s. Instead of long hair which requires extra hair treatments, the short hair doesn't bother you with such treatments. What you need is merely regular shampooing and smoothing cream to make your hair stays shiny and smooth. Now, the thing you have to do is finding just the exact style and details. Hopefully, the list below may help you a bit.

This is called as boyfriend cut because it has nice masculine touch that will be looking nice for girls. This haircut works great for medium or fine hair textures. Even if your hair is a bit wavy, you can still get this cut too. This is mostly perfect for anyone with heart-shaped and oval faces. But if you have round face, you might need to avoid this cut. To get the perfect cut, ask the stylist to short cut which is tapered right through the sides and the back but with longer layered on top. If you want to go more feminine, get longer sides. The technique to style this cut is considerably easy. You only need smoothing cream on damp hair before blow drying the hair.

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This short shag hairstyle is known as universal style which perfectly adds movement and volume. Few celebs who look great with this are Jennifer Hudson and Michelle Williams. This versatile hairstyle works great for women who have medium or thick straight hair. To get the right effect, ask the stylist to cut short layered in back which nicely tapers to your neck without hard hairline. Combine it with long bang which is nicely textured only at your hair's ends. For styling advice, you need to grab light mousse and round brush to create voluminous and swingy finish. The funniest short hairstyle is always the undercut. It is so minimal in styling as well. This works best for women with extremely curly hair because this cut will help them to remove the bulk. However, anyone with fine hair has to avoid this hairstyle. The styling technique will involve styling paste, flat iron and curling iron. With these hair styling tools, you will get punky and edgy look like Rihanna's. After figuring out some top short hairstyles 2013 that you can have, no matter what kind of hair type you have, you certainly don't have to feel afraid anymore. Just pick your favorite hairstyle and ask the stylist to cut it for you.