Thursday, August 21, 2014

Keyshia Cole Hairstyles

Critics claim that the song is a life story of Jeezy who still can't believe that from rags he was able to obtain riches. Until now, he still thinks that it is dream. Keyshia Cole didn't do much in the song, only a few screams and runs but it did give the music some tone. Overall, the song is simple. Even the music video is quite simple but delivers an inspiring message. In the track listing for the album The Inspiration, Dreamin' is at the eleventh. The song's length is 4:49 and The Runner produced the music video. The video was released in the year 2007 and it was first seen on BET's Access Granted.

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The video featured several kids including the little boy Jeezy R. The kids are really cool and a great addition to the music video. They talked about their dreams in life and they were really inspiring. As kids, they can simply dream but as they grow older, they are the ones who will shape their future. The song tells a lot about the life of Jeezy. As critics say, Jeezy started from rags. He comes from a less fortunate family where his mother is a smoker. Over the years, their lives were full of struggles and he never really thought that he could achieve his dreams. His mother encouraged him to develop his skills as a songwriter. When he was able to write some great songs, he entered the industry as a solo performer. Later on, he because a member of a hip hop group and they made great songs as well.

The music video gave more substance to the song. A boy like Jeezy should not lose hope in the midst of hardships. Along the way, people meet friends and acquaintances that can help them fulfill their dreams. There are times when you will also encounter individuals who will try to pull you down but you shouldn't allow them to do so. If you watch the video, you will surely be inspired. The single syllable rhythm of the song is not very good but if you try to listen to the lyrics of the song, you will be able to understand the message. There are websites that allow music lovers to access the lyrics of the song and you can use that to secure a copy. If you are not into hip hop music, this song might be able to change your perspective. Read the lyrics and watch the video. In no time at all, you're sure to get the message.